About Us

In this age of globalization, human contact across the national borders is getting more massive by the invention of virtual social media such as weblog, facebook, youtube, twitter, etc. Now people can easily make a communication and share everything through those social media. They can share ideas, knowledge, business, culture, and so on, with others who live in different countries with different languages. This worldwide human contact has brought people into one big community, a global community.

Based on the above issues, mastering English as a global language seems to be an advantage for everyone as it is a medium of communication and interaction between people of different cultural backgrounds. In other word, mastering English is a “passport to global citizenship”.

English Nest is created for those who want to learn and practice English in their daily life. Many experts say that learning language can be more effective if we use and practise it everyday, every time, over and over again. Moreover, learning a language is not only about learning the knowledge of the language but also about how to use the language as a means of communication.

This nest is a home for female community. This is a warm and cozy place to stay, a home for those who want to be able to communicate both in spoken and written English. Here, we learn English in many kinds of activities and of course in fun ways. We usually watch movie together, singing song, taking part in local and regional events, performing our talents, etc. Those activities really help us to get maximum result of conscious and unconscious learning.


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