International Day of Peace #2

Time to show-off 😀

Friday night, October 4th was a special moment for Female English Home members since we have an unforgettable performance in English Performance Show (EPS). We were showing our talent and presenting a poster. The EPS’ theme for this month is about “Peace Day”. In the previous post, we have shared about spreading “peace message through flower”, that was the series of our events on commemorating the International day of peace.

Three weeks before the performance day, we were asked to do a citizen journalism project. We had to interview three different people from different background. We had to ask them about the meaning of peace based on their opinions and how to gain peace in their lives. The most interesting part is that one of the interviewee should be a native speaker/foreigner. That’s why we had to go to Malioboro street to interview the foreigner. Thanks God we could find two foreigners in Sosrowijayan street which is located near Malioboro street.


Beside, we were offered by the committee to perform something in EPS night. Fio agreed to sing a song and July agreed to read a poem. They would do musicalization of poetry featuring Inoy as a guitar player. Inoy is a member of Jogja English Course and Community. We only rehearsed the song and poetry for three days since we were so busy with our own activities.

Finally, the EPS night has come, Continue reading